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Panacea Outsourcing Debt Recovery & Relief Solutions is engaged in Debt collection, Debt relief and related ancillary services. We offer cost-effective, efficient and ethical services suitable to all sizes of commercial organisations. We work towards removing the obstacles that stand between our client’s business and the money it’s owed, by maximising the recovery of their outstanding debts. Our polite, persuasive, persistent but professional approach to debt collection produces far better debt recovery results than the traditional strong-arm tactics.

Our simple approach produces a quicker payment from your debtors. We subscribe to the ethical standards in debt collection and comprehend that the debt collection is part of a continuing relationship between the client and the debtor. We understand that by releasing an account to us for collection our clients also release their brand to us. Being conscious of this, we ensure that we protect one
of the most important aspects of our client’s business that is their brand equity. We understand the importance of confidentiality of private data our clients, data security, and that is why we ensure that the data provided to us always remain confidential and for the same, if desired we offer to enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement. PO Debt Solutions reflects our values and reinforces our commitment to the highest standards of integrity and honesty in business.

Our Mission

The rising cost of customer acquisition, requirements for satisfying consumer needs, burdens of overdue debt, and the need for effective customer retention etc., throw up never-ending challenges for any business. We believe in building a long-lasting strategic relationship. We have sufficient experience and expertise needed establish a mutually beneficial relationship between clients and their debtors whereby we assist our clients in recovering outstanding amounts owing by implementing the most efficient means possible and take away your anxiety off issues regarding debt recovery and allow clients to focus on the core business processes and help them in transforming their business.

Our objectives are:

  •  To collect the debt within the shortest period of time.
  • To be proven by our clients as the agency of choice in terms of performance
    and results.
  • To have strong relationships with key organisations in selected market
  • To be an extension of overall our client’s business approach and an exclusive Debt Solutions partner.
Why PO Debt Solutions

Yes, we are a small firm – but we have zeal and energy to get your money back into your bank account as quickly as possible.

We have gained knowledge and experience that cannot be collected from textbook or from handling a deal or two. It has been forged by years of experience, by our Administrator.

We are skilled to secure payment from the appropriate payer. We have the ability to interface with third-party payers directly. This minimizes the amount of time and effort required for your staff to become involved in claims resolution on those accounts assigned for collections.

All our services are offered on a no-risk element for our clients.

Our clients would never be asked for any other fee other than the agreed percentage of the amount we collect. Further, if we don’t perform, we don’t get paid.

Momentum – Movement – Forward motion. It is what we have been doing since we started out, and it has been growing. Our clients’ momentum feeds ours and we sustain theirs. It’s a partnership.

Collecting overdue debts is one of our mission, our focus, and our heritage. But in this day and age, it’s no longer enough for a debt collection agency to simply collect the money that is due to you. We must also act with responsibility and professionalism to protect your reputation, educate your customers to respect your terms and make your customers aware that protracted default will harm their credit rating. As a debt collection firm, we know the critical impact every collection campaign has on success as an organization. When your company carries the burden of debtors with an inability or refusal to pay, your day-to-day operations suffer.

At Panacea, we handle your debt collection issues with the utmost urgency, and with proven methods that preserve your customer relationships while still providing top-notch results. Our collectors will overcome your debtor’s objections, remove frivolous disputes, seek admission of your debt, and secure payment.

Our Services

We fully understand that we are frequently dealing with sensitive issues while recovering the delinquent accounts. We always take a thoughtful, friendly and courteous approach. Our aim to recover the debt owed to you while at the same time we also ensure better business relationship protecting the interests of our clients. The principle behind this is that our clients have outsourced their accounts receivables operations to us in order to increase their internal efficiencies, giving management more scope to focus on servicing their client’s needs. Therefore, our focus is not being a debt recovery firm, but our objective is to become your collection partner by providing you with a stress free way of collecting your outstanding account receivables allowing the clients focus on core business activities.

Commercial & Consumer Debt Recovery / collection Services offered by us;

  • One-off Debt Recovery
  • Receivable Management Service

We know that many requirements are unique to individual companies and we are very happy to discuss the same.

Our process

 While many other firms move rapidly towards the courts and legal recourse, we take careful and measured approach that gets results swiftly and in more cost effective manner. We lay special attention to case study, emotional intelligence, evaluation and assessment, establishing communication with them and then planning a recovery with a case-based strategy. We are not tied down to a particular method of collection.

  • Initial contact with the client
  • Readiness to outsource Debt Recovery, Inter-action vis-à-vis concept and offerings
  • Concurrence to work together and Recognize the probable debt needing attention
  • Evaluation of Debts Agreement on commercial terms
  • Acceptance of cases
  • Delegation – Power of Attorney
Decision Process:
  • Scrutiny of debt documentation
  • Contingent assessment
  • Validate approach to reconcile & resolve
  • Persuasion, influence & negotiations
  • Plan of action & strategy
  • Performance Review & Reporting
  • Status Report
  • Settlements
  • Acceptance of receivables
  • Billing & Receipt of fees
  • Closure

While evaluating the process we considered following points:

  • Ours is a pre-legal professional collection service.
  • All claims and / or demand for dues are unique.
  • We will review and report proceedings and updates to you at each stage about progress of the claims.
  • During the process of collection debtor may pay or otherwise satisfy debt.
  • Clients would notify us immediately on receipt of payments against claims.
  • When we receive payment, the same would be forwarded to client immediately.
  • We adhere to the highest standards of ethics and will comply with all state and government laws.
  • Due to uniqueness of handling each claim, time frames are thoughtfully and purposely omitted.

Finally –we’ll have the collected funds cleared and remitted to you without delay.

What else can you expect from our services?

  • National coverage –we have resources nationwide, ready to collect your debts
  • Complete transparency of progress, via web-based reporting available 24/7
  • Prompt remittance of collected funds
  • Minimal need for legal recovery –we won’t recommend legal action unless we have first made every other effort to collect upon the debt
  • Our fees are based on the principle that no collection means no commission –you only pay an agreed percentage of collected funds excluding professional fee.
Our values are Creativity, Integrity, Responsibility and People.
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Our values are Creativity, Integrity, Responsibility and People.
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Copyright Panacea Outsourcing. All rights reserved.

Copyright Panacea Outsourcing. All rights reserved.